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About Us

Whether you are buying a home, car, boat or have a business, the Team at Hutchins & Threatt Insurance is here to help.  Our customers love that when you call, you will always get one of our agents to help you.  We have a consultative approach and our goal is to help provide you with the best coverage to protect yourself against the unforeseen.

Meet Our Team

What Our Clients Say about us ...

​"Best company for your insurance needs. Amy has been absolutely amazing for my new small business."
"H&T has demonstrated many times their excellence as a broker of communication and customer advocacy - they don't upsell us, just deliver value."
"Glynnis and Cheryl helped me so much with advice on how to handle the situation and all the paperwork for the transfer. I highly recommend them for their customer service! I can’t thank them enough for all the help they have given me over the years!!"
" I went to the office to get some help in auto and home ins. Jennifer was totally helpful and assisted me in getting the issues I needed done."

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