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Check Your Rental Coverage - Important Recommendation

If you don't have substitute transportation coverage (rental coverage), you should add it to your auto insurance policy. If you have rental coverage on your policy, it may be time to increase that limit.

We get a few calls about when rental coverage pays on the auto insurance policy. Simply put, rental comes into play when you have an active claim with your auto insurance company. It pays when your automobile is out of commission from an automobile accident or a comprehensive event. It allows you the convenience of having your company pay a per day limit and then going after the responsible party (if someone else is responsible).

Prices range from $40 to $100+ for rental coverage depending on which limit you choose. At this time, we recommend you have at least $45/day rental coverage which will give you access to most rental vehicles at local rental agencies (compact to full-size sedans & mid-size SUVs). It will cover about 90% of your rental bill.

It's about $9/month per vehicle to have $45/day rental coverage added to your policy. Want to add or increase your rental coverage? Click here

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