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Do we need Earthquake Coverage in New England?

Earthquake Insurance is one of the most underbought insurance coverage in the country. Why is that? Think you aren't in an area prone to earthquakes? Think again!

Massachusetts Earthquake Fact: The Clinton-Newbury Fault zone runs just east of Newbury, MA down the Atlantic coast. There are many fault lines that run off this zone and there have been over 2,000 earthquakes the last 300+ years! 6 in the last year alone!!!

Earthquake/Earth Movement coverage is excluded on a standard home insurance policy. You should purchase Earthquake coverage as an endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy.

How do protect your property against an earthquake? Contact us for a quote to add the coverage to your policy.

Psst - if, for some reason, you have your home and/or auto insurance elsewhere, you need a review. Click here for a no obligation quote.

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