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To Dash or Not Dash (that is the question)

Are you driving or thinking of driving for Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats? Here is some important information you need to know...

Your auto insurance policy may not respond properly. Being a driver for a company that utilizes a phone app does not mean your auto policy will automatically cover you. In fact, some insurance companies consider food delivery service by phone app to not be covered -- at all. In some company contracts, the Transportation Network Coverage (TNC Coverage) is designated only to cover only when transporting people, not goods.

There are other companies have recognized that their TNC endorsement is for delivering ANYTHING via a phone app. It's important to make sure you have the appropriate coverage while you are actively available to transport items from a phone app.

What should you do if you already deliver or are thinking about it? Contact us and find out if your policy will cover you while actively available on a phone app to transport anything -- whether it's people or food. We need to know so we can determine the best company for you. Don't wait till after an accident when it's too late.

If you're insurance is with another agent or company, have they asked you about this? Maybe it's time to look into a new insurance agent. This is where we can help. Email or call us. It's our pleasure to quote your insurance.

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